The Partnership is always looking at ways to promote the development of leadership qualities in all the students coming through our schools. We feel that involving them in leadership courses and activities will help them to develop as individuals and improve their communication skills, learning experience, self confidence and leadership qualities – all traits which can be transferred into other areas of education as well as life outside of school.

Leadership opportunities are offered at all school levels:

  • Lower School: Pupils are involved in the Bronze Ambassador programme (see Year 4 leader leadership tab for more information).
  • Middle School: Pupils assist the Partnership with programmes supporting their feeder lower schools in a variety of events from Athletics to Multiskills. They also have the option to take on roles within their own school to help plan and deliver events.
  • Upper School: When students move into upper school they have the opportunity to be involved in the Leadership Academy. (See Leaders Academy tab for more information).

All of these programmes ensure young people are provided opportunities to excel and become role models for other pupils. They can also achieve qualifications which add to their CV and the support they give is invaluable.